Our Team & History

Transforming homes into our clients’ dream visions…

Style never stands still, which is why Fusion Home is always a step ahead. Our designers make sure our collection has exactly what your clients are looking for, there’s a Fusion Home look that’s precisely what you and your clients are looking for. And for your customers who want just the right color, our High-Gloss Selection has just about every color you can think of, and even some you haven’t yet thought about yet. Our full-service team meets all your needs, at each step of your project.

Our professional designers provide personalized service to help you select the best possible choice from our wide variety of products. All the members of our team have experience with both USA & Europe markets and know how to work with the most demanding clients & partners. We will always do whatever needs to be done so you are 100% satisfied with your kitchen or bathroom, not only during installation but also throughout the kitchen’s & bathroom’s lifetime.

Our pride in service, wide array of designs, and affordability allow our customers to create the kitchen and bathrooms that have previously existed only in their dreams! We hope to help make your dream spaces a reality as well. Make an appointment to visit our showroom—we’re here to help with the entire process, from design to delivery and installation.

Fusion Home promises to put customer service at the heart of everything we do.

Mariam Mandryk

As a interior designer, I am able to evaluate, organize, coordinate, and design ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Transform them into something unique, appealing and utilitarian which is particularly fit to the homeowner in terms of needs as well as being able to reflect the homeowner personality.

Our History


Fusion Home is a modern, boutique-style kitchen & bathroom showroom located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Our showroom was founded in 2019, and our design team has over 15 years’ design & construction experience. Fusion Home is the industry leader providing dependability, knowledgeable service, outstanding designs, and quality products. Our clients are what inspires us. That is why all of our collections have tales to tell, and why we are influenced by the times we live in, and most importantly by those who choose our products.