Natural Acoustic Wooden Slat Panels

Fusion Home Acupanel is a beautifully designed acoustic wall and
ceiling panel, offering clarity of sound and a unique aesthetic.

Create a modern space and drastically improve the acoustics within your room.
Eco-friendly. Made of 100% polyester felt & E0 Class MDF board.

The Acupanel wood panels are made from veneered lamellas on a bottom of a specially developed acoustic felt created from recycled material. The handcrafted panels are not only designed to fit in with the latest trends but are also easy to install on your wall or ceiling. They help to create an environment that is not only quiet but beautifully contemporary, soothing and relaxing.

The Akupanel was created with the purpose of improving peoples favorite spaces. If you have ever been
in a room with bad acoustics, then you know the problem – bad acoustics can drive you crazy! But now

you can do something about it, while also improving the looks in your room.

Imagine a slat wall on an end wall in your livingroom or on your ceiling. It would not only dampen the
sound – surely it would also provide you with a steady flow of compliments from everyone who sees it.
The acoustic slat wood wall panel range has been designed to be installed with ease. We recommend
either screwing the panels straight into the wall, using the correct fixings, through the acoustic felt or if
you are looking to increase the sound properties further, screwing them into batons. If installing on

ceilings, the panels can be screwed straight into ceiling joists.

1 panel measuring 95″ x 24″.


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