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Having a huge amount of bath products and not having where to deposit them is real problem. Now is time to exhibit your shower stuff in a smart and aesthetic way. Matte black built in niche is available now at Fusion Home Corp. Modern Kitchen & Bathroom. You can order the item through our website or by visiting our showroom, which is open 7 days a week.

Product features:

Material – Stainless Steel; Gauge – 18G; Overall Dimensions – 17-1/2″L x 17-1/2″W x 4-3/8″D; Inside Dimensions – 14″L x 14″W x 4-1/4″D


Therefore, our matte black built in niche is very easy to clean from water traces and other residues left by. Also, its solid construction will serve a long time from now. Additionally, the the product is 100% corrosion free. Further, you don’ have to deal anymore with those classic shower shelves which are coming out and always bother you. The shower room is first and foremost dedicated for relaxing time. Do not destroy its appearance with those cheap looking, useless and boring shower shelves. In conclusion, hide all your shower products in a catchy way. Do not let the random thrown things to spoil your mood while you’re taking a relaxing time.


All details matter when it come about design. In a word, it’s a great idea to play with your ideas and imagination in order to make your shower room a dream. Thus, check out our wide range of shower drains in order to achieve the objective you’ve settled for you shower project.


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