Glass Shelf for Shower Niche – Clear, White, Black and Gold


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  • Glass Shelf Clear
  • Glass Shelf White
  • Glass Shelf Black
  • Glass Shelf Gold


Every single detail matters when it comes about your own place. The shower room is a place for relaxing, so you’ll make sure that all details are well done. A shower wall niche helps you to keep your products hidden and organized at he same time. Also, besides regular finishes such as polished satin, we’re happy to provide our customers a multiple niche finishes. In addition, you can pick a glass shelf for shower niche that better fit your design goal. For instance, clear and white bathroom shelves will look better with niche in polished satin finish. Further, the black glass shelf will give a more solid look along with shower niche in matte black finish.

Product features:

Material – Tempered glass; Size – 13-5/8″ x 4-1/4″ x 3-/8″


We can’t guarantee that these glass shelves will be compatible with other niches brands than ours. However, our glass shelves will perfectly fit with these niches: FNIBN3614, FNIBN1814MB, FNIBN1814MAG, FNIBN1814, FNIBN3214MB, FNIBN3214MAG, FNIBN3214, FNIBN2414, FNIBN5914, FNIBN2414MB, FNIBN2414MAG, FNIBN4214, FNIBN3614MB, FNIBN3614MAG.


If you want to take a glance at the niches and glass shelves or other related products?! Visit our kitchen and bathroom showroom located in Arlington Heights. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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Glass Shelf Clear, Glass Shelf White, Glass Shelf Black, Glass Shelf Gold


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